Adventure Travel Series

Weekend Explorer - Travel's Best Secrets

A first of it's kind eco-tourism adventure series focusing on culture, history, and wildlife.

Since its first national airing in 2001, “Weekend Explorer” has been a ratings star! 

When the series launched, it was the highest rated non-primetime series on KPBS in the broadcaster’s weakest ratings timeslot. 

“Weekend Explorer” has received two Emmy Awards for “Performance as Host” by Jeffrey Lehmann and  “Educational Program”, and over a dozen other awards.

Weekend Explorer Promotional Postcard
"Performance as Host" Emmy Award
Historical Documentary Series

Maritime Silk Road - Birth of the global Economy

Tracing the world's first international trade routes and their affect on today's world.

The “Maritime Silk Road” challenged traditional historical teachings.

Many aspects of this series were considered controversial when first aired, but have been subsequently been supported by archeological finds. It was the first series outside Asia to film the oldest intact shipwreck in the world, the Nanhai 1.

Awarded “Best Documentary Series of the Year” by the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. The series received Telly Awards in writing, education, and culture.

"Maritime Silk Road" Promotional Postcard
"Documentary Series of the Year" award 2017
Technology Series

China's Big Bay - From "Made in" to "Invented By"

Exploring technologies more advanced in China than in the West

“China’s Big Bay” was the West’s first look at modern China’s inventive and entrepreneurial spirit.

This series dispells the myth that the Chinese system doesn’t produce innovators and entrepreneurs.

Awarded Second Place in the “30th Annual China Journalism Awards” and a Telly Award for its animated open.

Big Bay Promo Spot in China
Red Carpet Emmy Awards

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