Feature Films

San diego is the best Place to make feature films For Less!

Save time and money filming in San Diego, especially on low budget films. Here is why:
Locations- Beaches, City, Mountains, Quaint Towns, and more all in one place.
Weather- almost always sunny, mild, and beautiful!
Crew- San Diego has skilled production crew for every need ...for less money.
Talent- a deep pool of experienced actors ready to fill every role, union and non-union
Film Permits- usually free or cheap, always fast and easy to get.
Less Expensive- Everything in San Diego is less expensive than Hollywood.
Near Hollywood- Actors, Directors, and other top talent love working in San Diego.
Equipment Rental- Everything you need is available with multiple suppliers.
Equipment Supplies- Expendables and everything else are available locally.
Friendly Locals- residents here love filmmakers, making production easier.
Less Traffic- traffic costs productions money and San Diego just has a lot less.

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Actor on set!
Fall in love with filming in San Diego
Lookout for Bad Guys
Bad Guys are around every corner.
Find your film treasure in San Diego
Good Guys are on the way!